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Lecture: Multi-ancestry and multi-phenotype integration for increasing power in polygenic prediction

Kategorie: Lecture
26.02.2024 – 16:00 – Dr. Yosuke Tanigawa, Cambridge, Massachusetts / USA – BMZ lecture hall B013.1 UG. 303 (Venusberg-Campus 1)
26.02.2024, 16:00 Uhr

BMZ lecture hall B013.1 UG. 303 (Venusberg-Campus 1)


Dr. Yosuke Tanigawa,

MA Computational Biology Lab

Cambridge, Massachusetts / USA

Predicting heritable traits and genetic liability of disease from individuals´ genomes has important implications for tailoring medical prevention and intervention strategies in precision medicine. He will discuss recent methodological developments to increase predictive performance, specifically focusing on joint analysis of ancestry-diverse individuals and multiple correlated traits.

We cordially invite all interested parties!